KTC 20th Grand Annual Praying Ceremony for the living & pass away

Dear Sir/Madam,

Objectives : To ward off evil spirit
To pray for longevity
To pray for filial piety to the elders
To pray for release of the suffering souls and elevate them to better realm.
To pray for prosperity & peace of our country Malaysia.

The above mentioned ceremony which is a 7 day-night annual event will be held from 3rd August (Sunday) to 9th August 2014 (Saturday) (Chinese lunar calendar 8th day to 14th day of Seven Moon) in the Garden of Virtue opposite Kwong Yee Pagoda, Lot 507 Jalan Dewan Bahasa, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.

The KTC Grand Praying Ceremony will be conducted by Chief Monk SHI XIAN QING from GUANG SHAO JIN SHE together with other monks and nuns.

There are 2 benevolent rites to be performed:

1. “VIRTUE OF PASSAGE TO PARADISE OF THE WEST”- A prayer & ritual to release the beings of the ancestors and deceased from their suffering in the different forms of reincarnation and subsequently elevate to a better realm and reach the Pure Land of “PARADISE OF THE WEST”as early as possible. Family members of the deceased not buried at this cemetery are welcomed to participate in this function.

2. “VIRTUE OF LONGEVITY, PEACE, PROSPERITY, HAPPINESS AND HEALTH”- A prayer to eliminate the present hindrance to good karma and fortune, success with prospective career as well as prosperity, peace for our Country, health, happiness and wisdom for family and individuals.

You are cordially invited to make early and direct order of “Joss Paper Boxes” from us for your respectful deceased in this auspicious solemnity.

Enclosed herewith are the registration forms and relating brochures which are self explanatory for your kind attention. For further information, kindly visit our website at http://ktc.org.my.

For further inquiry, please feel free to call the following for assistance:

Pagoda : 03-21418284, 21410588 (Mdm. Tong, Mdm. Tung, Mdm. Kong).
Funeral Parlour : 03-21459409, 21482910 (Mr. Choy, Mdm. Lim).
Sg. Besi : 03-91721607 (Mr. Chow).
Handphone : 019-2134396(Mr. Lim), 019-3822353(Mr. Goh))

Payment by cheques should be crossed and made payable to “KTC GRAND ANNUAL PRAYING CEREMONY”.

Yours faithfully,
Lew Hoe Soon – President
Lim Jit Yee – Chairman of the Organizing Committee

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